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ambulatory (adjective), more ambulatory, most ambulatory
1. Pertaining to, or capable of walking: The plan for the exploration of the city was for those ambulatory tourists who liked to stroll from one part to another one.
2. Adapted for walking, as the limbs of many animals: Some sea creatures are ambulatory, moving from place to place seeking better feeding grounds.
3. Moving around or from place to place; not stationary: The physiotherapist was helping the patients become more ambulatory in their goal to become more independent.
4. Not confined to bed; able or strong enough to walk: Glenda was an ambulatory patient who could go home instead of having to stay in a hospital bed.

An ambulatory health service is for people who are not required to be hospitalized because they are not physically handicapped and so they are able to proceed on foot in a normal way.

5. In law, not fixed; alterable or revocable: Mark left an ambulatory will for his daughter in case something were to happen to her and she couldn't be available to benefit from it.
Able to walk around.
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Walking around.
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Referring to someone who can walk.
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A reference to a person who can walk or anyone who is a walker. (2)