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allergic (adjective), more allergic, most allergic
1. Relating to an abnormal or disabling sensitivity to certain agents: Some people are allergic to certain drugs, food, pollen, etc., resulting in a hypersensitive reaction when they are exposed to them.
2. Pertaining to a dislike of or a resistance to do certain things: Earl is an allergic person because he is required to get up and go to work five days a week.
Excessively sensitive and inclined to react in an unfavorable way.
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Inclined to respond in an unfavorable manner.
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Responding with a feeling of strong irritation or annoyance.
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A medical condition which causes a person to become sick after touching, breathing or eating something which is normally harmless to most people; figuratively, informally, or humorously, a reference to not wanting to work or to study or to do certain things that most people usually do. (2)