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mendacious (adjective), more mendacious, most mendacious
1. Not truthful; lying or making false statements: When Andre got home late, he told his wife a mendacious story about having a flat tire, when, as a matter of fact, he was with his friend drinking a bottle of beer at the local pub!
2. Characterized by habitual deception or telling fibs: Jerome created mendacious tales of his adventures while he was traveling in Europe, such as winning a lot of money in a French casino and meeting the Queen of England at a party in London.
3. Pertaining to a distortion of the truth, especially as a regular routine: Elaine's young son, Jimmy, was constantly telling her mendacious excuses for not doing his homework for school because he was so focused on playing games on his computer with friends.
False, a deception, untrue.
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Dishonest, untruthful, lying.
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Relating to someone who is not truthful, or who lies and makes false statements; characterized by, deceptions or falsehoods. (2)