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malpractice (s) (noun), malpractices (pl)
1. An improper treatment or a culpable neglect of a patient by a physician: The surviving kin of Marcus charged the doctor with malpractice because they were convinced that their relative had died because of an improper diagnosis.
2. Illegal action by which a person seeks to benefit himself or herself at the cost of others while in a position of trust: The international organization which was investigating allegations of rigged elections concluded there had been a series of malpractices which invalidated the results of the election.
A profession that performs illegal or wrong actions.
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The wrong conduct or misbehavior of any professional person or organization.
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1. A bad treatment or neglect of a patient by a physician.
2. An illegal action when someone tries to benefit himself or herself illegally while in a position of trust while others lose. (2)