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malleable (adjective), more malleable, most malleable
1. Pertaining to something that is capable of being shaped by being beaten or by pressure as with certain metals, such as silver: Ancient civilizations found gold to be malleable and often formed it into intricate figures, and even today gold is a very malleable metal and can be molded by pressure.
2. Descriptive of a metal having been beaten out into a thin plate: The antique tray receptacle in the museum appeared to be a piece of malleable silver.
3. Characterizing a person or something that can be influenced, adapted or fashioned to situations or mental challenges: As a teacher, Hans was always amazed at the malleable minds and personalities of his students.

The teachers were striving to develop a malleable plan that would serve to develop the "malleability" of the minds of their pupils.

Easily led or susceptible to charm.
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Easily persuaded  to do something.
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1. Characterized by being fashioned, easily changed, or influenced to do something.
2. A reference to something that can be shaped by being beaten or pressured into a form; such as, some metals including silver, gold, platinum, etc. (2)