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malicious (adjective), more malicious, most malicious
A reference to people or actions and behaviors that tend to be vicious; addicted to sentiments or acts of ill will or hatefulness: Maggie was the victim of the transmission of malicious software which included computer viruses that made it impossible for her to complete her written assignment.

The elderly woman has had a hard and tragic life and sometimes she speaks in a malicious way about her neighbors.

Relating to hatred or spite against others.
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Wanting bad things to happen to the people in the apartment below him.
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Conveying ill will or hatred by indulging in deliberate mischief.
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Intentionally mischievous or spiteful.
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This entry is located in the following unit: mal-, male-, mali- (page 5)
(German: Kobalt; also Kobolt, a goblin, evil spirit, or malicious sprite; metal)
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Acts of ill-will or viciousness toward others all of which are influenced by hate or spite. (4)