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malady (s) (noun), maladies (pl)
1. A specific kind of ill health, an ailment, or a disease: Pete stayed home from school, claiming a malady which made him want to sleep all day.
2. A morbid or depraved condition; such as, of the mind, social relationships, etc.: Lorna's sister apparently had a malady that needed some kind of psychological remedy or cure because she was always criticizing or arguing in an angry way with other people.
Any illness that causes a person to suffer.
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Any disease of the human body.
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malady, medley, melody
malady (MAL uh dee) (noun)
An illness of an animal or a social illness; such as, poverty: The veterinarian finally was able to diagnose the affliction or the malady of the farmer’s horse.
medley (MED lee) (noun)
A piece of music made up of a series of short tunes: Polly hummed a medley of show tunes while she worked.
melody (MEL uh dee) (noun)
A pleasant and pleasing arrangement of tones: The melody that was played on the accordion was delightful.

Chad was unable to carry the melody of the song which was in fact a medley of popular tunes. Someone joked that he seemed to be suffering from an unknown malady.

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A sickness, an ailment, or a disease; a bad psychological or social condition or situation. (2)