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kakistocracy (kak" i STAHK ruh see, ka" ki STAHK ruh see) (s) (noun), kakistocracies (pl)
1. A state, country, or place that is governed by the worst, unqualified, or least competent people: It is obvious that kakistocracies exist in several parts of the world and cause many of their citizens to be desperate to immigrate to other countries in hopes of finding better living conditions.
2. Etymology: from Greek kakistos, "worst", a superlative of kakos, "bad".

If men and women of capacity refuse to take part in politics and government, they condemn themselves, as well as the people, to the punishment of living under a bad government.

-Senator Sam J. Ervin
Government ruled by the worst person or people.
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A government or a political control by the least qualified rulers. (1)