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infuse (verb), infuses; infused; infusing
1. Introduce into the body through a vein, for therapeutic purposes: A drip was used to infuse the medicine into Nathan's bloodstream so he wouldn't have any more pain after the car accident.
2. To fill or cause to be filled with emotion: Sandra was infused with joy after hearing that her grandparents were coming to visit.
3. To fill by pouring: Rebecca infused the tea pot with boiling water.
4. To instill or to inculcate, as principles or qualities: Ms. Richison tried to infuse her students to love the English language by telling them jokes!
5. Etymology: from Latin infudere, "to pour in"; so, to infuse anything means "to instill something as if by pouring". Anything which infuses something else permeates and saturates it.
To instill or to put an idea into a person's thinking.
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To instill ideas or principles into someone's thoughts or feelings as if they were poured in. (1)