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indicate (IN di kayt") (verb), indicates; indicated; indicating
1. To point out, to point to, to make known, or to show: Ted Carson, the driver of the tourist bus, asked the tourist agent to indicate the interesting sites to visit in the city.
2. In medicine, to designate a remedy or method of treatment: The presence of a high fever seemed to indicate to Dr. Jonas that the patient might have appendicitis and would require immediate surgery.
3. A course of action, treatment, etc. which is to be suggested as desirable or necessary: The librarian, by directing attention to the SILENCE PLEASE sign, was indicating that the students were being too loud!
4. To direct attention to the presence or existence of a signal: The sailors believed that a red sky in the evening indicated that the next day would be good for sailing because of the saying: "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in the morning, sailors take warning".
5. To turn direct attention to by using the hand to signal an action: The outline of a hand on the traffic sign indicated that the bus should turn left to continue the trip to the sea side.
6. To state or express something by some small action without details: Alison's smiling face indicated that she was happy to be going shopping with her mother.
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indicate (IN di kayt")
Here we have a cate that is expressing or suggesting something in a brief or quick way.
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