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imprecate (IM pri kayt") (verb), imprecates; imprecated; imprecating
1. To utter obscenities or profanities: After hitting his thumb with the hammer, Charles started to imprecate at the top of his voice.
2. To wish harm upon; to invoke evil upon: The three witches in the Scottish play were on the moors imprecating against the Scottish lord.
3. To call down harm; especially, a curse on someone: After experiencing one disaster after another, the farmer was so upset that he imprecated against the weatherman because of the misleading forecasts.
4. Etymology: Latin imprecari, imprecat-; in-, "towards" + precari, "to pray, to ask".
To cuss or curse.
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imprecate (IM pri kayt")
A bad or unacceptable language is explained by these cate definitions.
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To speak with obscenities, profanities, or foul language; to wish someone harm or damnation. (1)