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hypersensitive (high" pur SEN suh tiv) (adjective), more hypersensitive, most hypersensitive
1. Descriptive of a person who is very easily hurt, offended, or upset; fragile: Shirley often has hypersensitive reactions when she remembers that, as a little girl, her poverty stricken parents gave her up for adoption to another couple who were better off financially.
2. Concerning that state of being overly affected or harmed by something, such as medical drugs, diseases, etc.: Reginald is hypersensitive to the medicine that the doctor prescribed and, as a result, he has been suffering with violent reactions even with small amounts.
Very easily offended or having hurt feelings.

Very easily offended or upset.
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Conveying a situation that shows that one has been greatly upset, disturbed, or harmed by something. (2)