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hydrophobia (s) (noun), hydrophobias (pl)
1. An peculiar condition which consists of an abnormal fear of water by those who have rabies: Sometimes hydrophobia involves the inability to drink or swallow liquids because of throat constrictions, not a revulsion of the drink itself, which gives the impression that the victims of lyssa are afraid of liquids.

This case of hydrophobia results in a symptom of intense excitement with terror and extreme thirst, but every effort to drink is immediately followed by choking and dyspnea (breathing difficulties) with an elevation of temperature and an increase of the pulse or heart beat.

2. A morbid aversion to water, especially since one could drown in it: Some people who have hydrophobia never go swimming in a pool or even bathe in a bathtub because of the abnormal fear that they will suffocate and die in the water.
An abnormal dread of water.
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A morbid fear of being in water.
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An abnormal fear of, dread of, or aversion to water. (2)