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furor (s) (noun), furors (pl)
1. Extremely violent outbursts of anger, violent anger; frenzy; often without provocation: There was an angry furor with some people in the crowd when the general was speaking about military victories.
2. A condition, or state, of intense excitement or activity: There was a furor surrounding the release of the latest Beetle album.
3. A general commotion; public disorder or uproar: The furor on the university campus appeared to be related to the increase of tuition fees.
4. A condition or state of violent anger; rage: When teased, the injured lion went into a furor and attempted to escape.
5. A state of intense excitement or ecstasy: As Irene watched the romantic movie, her heart felt as if it were in a state of furor because it was beating so fast.
6. An angry or indignant public reaction to something: The jury verdict of not guilty created a furor in the courtroom.
7. A phase of illness in which someone behaves in an extremely active or excited way: The doctor was treating the patient for the furor brought on by her manic depressive condition.
Rage, frenzy; outburst of enthusiasm.
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furor epilepticus (s) (noun) (no plural was found)
An attack of intense anger occasionally occurring in a person's epilepsy: The furor epilepticus usually happens without any apparent reason, can take place anywhere, and surprises other people who are present.
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furor loquendi
A passion for talking.
furor scribendi
A passion for writing.
This entry is located in the following unit: scrib-, script-, -scribe, -scription, -scriptive (page 2)
lagneia furor
1. Another term for erotomania, or excessive and insatiable feelings of sexual desires.
2. The delusion of being loved by, and romantically involved, in a relationship with a person; especially, someone famous or in a high social position.
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Very violent outbursts of anger; frenzy; a condition, or state, of intense excitement or activity. (1)