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faux pas (French, foh PAH) (s) (noun), faux pas (pl)
1. A socially awkward or tactless act; a social blunder: Herman committed a faux pas by arriving much too early at the birthday party.
2. An embarrassing mistake that breaks a social convention: Craig reached out to hug the the host's wife, instead of shaking her hand, which was a faux pas because he had never met her before.
3. A slip, or blunder, in etiquette, manners, or conduct: The American committed a faux pas when he shook hands with the head of a foreign government with his left hand in his pants pocket.
4. Etymology: from French, "false step". The word faux by itself, with French pronunciation, was borrowed into English in the 1980s to mean "fake".
Social blunders or unacceptable behaviors with other people.
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Mistakes or social errors; especially, saying something that is improper or unacceptable.
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A socially unacceptable mistake or blunder. (2)