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expound (verb), expounds; expounded; expounding
1. To give detailed descriptions or answers: Political news gets old very soon when people have to listen to politicians who are continually expounding about the shortcomings of their opposing candidates.
2. To clarify the meaning of something and to provide detailed information in a learned way, usually in writing: Jean Jackson decided to expound on the underlying message of her book in the local newspaper.

The speaker, Susan White, always expounds on the topic of eating a healthy diet and participating in regular exercises.

3. To set forth the points or principles of; to interpret; to explain: Dr. Jones, the professor, liked to expound the finer points of speaking or writing by using language in a way that is effective.
To explain in great detail.
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To give a detailed statement or to set forth one's opinions.
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To set forth detailed information, points, or principles of something. (2)