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explicate (EK stri kayt") (verb), explicates; explicated; explicating
1. To explain something; especially, a literary text, in a detailed and formal way or to make the meaning of a piece of writing, a plan, etc. clear for others to understand: Mildred explicated her suggestions in simple terms to make it more comprehensible for her supervisor to know what she was planning to do for the completion of the project.
2. To develop an idea or theory and to interpret and to show its implications: The teacher was explicating a plain and comprehensible lesson so her students would have better results for the solutions of the math homework.
3. Etymology: from Latin explicare, "to unfold, to unravel".
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explicate (EK spli kayt")
Now this cate is presenting an easy to understand process that is applicable to better communication with other people.
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