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expedient (ik SPEE dee uhnt) (s) (noun), expedients (pl)
1. Something which is suitable or advantageous for a situation: Admittedly, the neon sign is disturbing, but it's a necessary expedient for attracting more people to Kermit's store.
2. A means to an end: Mack used a hidden key as a useful expedient to get into his house because he forgot to take his regular set of keys with him when he went shopping.
3. An objective that is devised or employed as a procedure to achieve a desire; not necessarily an honest one: The governing body was accused of choosing short-term expedients instead of practical economic policies.

The criminal resorted to shady expedients in order to rob banks.

4. Etymology: from Latin, "to free (a person’s) feet from fetters"; an antonym of "impede"; hence, "to free from difficulties, to help forward, to get (a work) completed, to dispatch, to send off", etc.
A means used in an emergency as a temporary action.
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An action that provides a way to achieve a desired objective or purpose. (1)