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exorbitant (adjective), more exorbitant, most exorbitant
1. Relating to something that costs too much in terms of price and value; characteristic of exceeding proper limits; extravagant; excessive or unduly high: The university students complained that the tuition fees were being increased to exorbitant levels and that many of them could not make such payments.

The exorbitant gas prices made some people quit driving their cars for awhile.

Exorbitant interest rates often decrease the number of buyers who really want to purchase houses.

2. Etymology: a legal term, "deviating from rule or principle, eccentric"; from Latin exorbitantem, exorbitans, exorbitare, "to deviate, to go out of the track", from ex-. "out of" + orbita, "wheel track".
Exceeding the normal amount or charge for something.
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Going beyond the usual cost.
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A reference to abnormally high costs regarding prices or values; going way above the usual charges for something. (2)