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execrate (verb), execrates; execrated; execrating
1. To feel loathing for someone or something: Alison was execrating over the thought of having to complete the marathon during the heat wave.
2. To declare a person or something to be loathsome; arousing intense dislike and disgust: Because of his continual lying, Hester execrated Jack to all who would listen to her.
3. To curse or to put a curse on someone or something: Ashton paid the fortune teller to execrate his rival in his love affair with Gertrude.

The Egyptian slave in the cartoon below execrated the designer of the pyramid with a curse that an asp, or poisonous snake, would bite him.

4. Etymology: from Latin, exsecratus, execratus, past participle of exsecrari, execrari, "to curse, to detest"; from ex-,"out of, from" + sacare, "to set apart as sacred, to consecrate"; from the stem of sacer, "holy, sacred".
To detest, to hate, to curse, to abhor.
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To curse or to put a curse on someone; to feel hatred for someone. (1)