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execrable (adjective), more execrable, most execrable
1. Regarding something of extremely bad or very low quality: Isaac's cousin has execrable taste when it comes to clothes.
2. A reference to something that deserves to be abhorred or loathed: Henrietta's execrable behavior during the party was disgusting, probably as a result of drinking too much wine.
3. Etymology: from Latin execrabilis, exsecrabilis, from execrari, exsecrari, "to curse" or "to wish something awful, evil, or a misfortune will fall on someone or some group"; from ex-, "out of, from" + sacare, "to set apart as sacred, to consecrate"; from the stem of sacer, "holy, sacred".
Very bad or extremely inferior.
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Detestable or wretched.
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Utterly bad or terrible.
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Characterized as being of very low quality, inferior, detestable, or abhorrent. (3)