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esurient (adjective), more esurient, most esurient
1. Pertaining to being very hungry for food: When the esurient customer went to the restaurant, he ordered three large triple-deck cheeseburgers with French fries, and other ingredients; plus two milk shakes for his lunch.
2. A reference to being greedy for gain or loot; rapacious: The esurient thieves were plundering the apartment building and taking large amounts of money, jewelry, and anything of value that could be easily sold for cash.
3. Excessively or ardently desirous of something: Henry had esurient objectives to become the next president of his company.
4. Etymology: from Latin ensurie, "to be hungry"; literally, "to want to eat"; which came from Latin edere, "to eat".
Greedy and hungry for food.
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Very hungry and eager to eat.
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Relating to being overly desirous for food or a reference to being greedy for gain or loot. (2)