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espouse (verb), espouses; espoused; espousing
1. To indicate support for a cause, a belief, an objective, etc.: The country's president was espousing a less expensive financial budget for the coming year.

The computer programmer espoused an easy way to utilize the functions of the new web site.

2. To unite in marriage or to become married: George has espoused Marge as his wife.
To support or to advocate an idea or a cause.
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To defend a doctrine or a belief.
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(Latin: betrothed man, groom; betrothed woman, bride; both come from sponsus, past participle of spondere, "to promise, betroth" from Old French, espous [masculine, male]; espouse [feminine, female])
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To give one's loyalty or support for something; to marry someone or to give another person in marriage. (2)