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equivocate (verb), equivocates; equivocated; equivocating
1. To be deliberately ambiguous, or unclear, in order to mislead or to withhold information: The applicant for the job seemed to be equivocating when he was asked why he was leaving his current job and wanting to work with this other company.
2. To speak vaguely; especially, in order to avoid a commitment or to fool other people: The judge warned the witness at the beginning of her testimony not to equivocate when the attorney asked her for details about the crime that she saw taking place at the bank.
To speak ambiguously in order to evade telling the truth.
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equivocate (i KWIV uh kayt")
A cate which explains the response a person makes when he or she is really not expressing the truth.
This entry is located in the following unit: cate family of verbs (page 2)
To deceive or to evade being truthful in order to avoid saying what one really feels. (1)