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ephemeral (adjective); more ephemeral, most ephemeral
1. Descriptive of something which lasts for only a short period of time and leaves no permanent trace; short-lived; transitory: Charles was chosen as the top salesperson that morning, however this ephemeral honor ended because his supervisor realized that Rena had exceeded his sales record.
2. Characterising living things which last only for 24 hours, as certain plants or insects do: There are ephemeral organisms that grow, reproduce, and die within a few hours or a day.

Elisha put flowers from her garden into a vase and they were an ephemeral bouquet because she forgot to put water into the container as a result of being distracted by an unexpected visitor.

3. Etymology: Ephemeral, now used fairly loosely for "transitory", originally meant specifically "lasting only one day". It comes from Greek ephemeros, a compound word formed from the prefix epi-, "on" and hemera, "day".
Short lived.
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Lasting for just one day.
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ephemeral (i FEM uhr uhl) (adjective), more ephemeral, most ephemeral
A description which lasts for a short time, is brief, or is transitory: Many people enjoy the ephemeral beauty of spring.
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Something that begins and ends in one day. (3)