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echolocate (ek" oh LOH kate") (verb), echolocates; echolocated; echolocating
1. To use a sensory system by certain animals; such as, bats and dolphins which usually involve high-pitched sounds that they send out: When creatures are echolocating, they are able to hear and to interpret the echos so they can determine the direction and distance of certain things.
2. In electronics, to determine the location of objects in certain areas by producing audible sounds and analyzing what is reflected back to the sender: Blind people are able to echolocate so they can be aware of, or perceive, where articles are located in order to avoid walking into them or so they can find them.
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echolocate (ek" oh LOH kate")
This cate is involved in finding objects with sounds that are bouncing back to the sender that sent them out; such as, humans or certain animals; like bats, dolphins whales, and porpoises.
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