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divulge (di VULJ) (verb), divulges; divulged; divulging
1. To reveal information; especially, information that was previously secret, private, or unknown: The former intelligence agent divulged many national secrets to the enemies of his country.
2. Making a confidence or a secret known to others: On television, Morris was divulging how a politician was being paid significant amounts of money to vote for policies that would make it possible for a business to avoid paying taxes for products sold to another country.
3. Etymology: from Latin divulgare, "to publish, to make common, to spread among people"; from dis-, "apart" + vulgare, "to make common property"; from vulgus, "common people".
To make something private known to the public.
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To reveal or to disclose information.
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To tell other people something about another person who wants such information to be kept private or secret. (2)