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dissidence (s) (noun) (no plural)
An opposition to an authority or a disagreement with a prevailing opinion or belief; whether in a group, a family, a larger public or government organization, etc.: Broadly defined, dissidence is the belief of people who actively oppose an established political policy, organization, or structure.
Discord, or disagreement in opinion.
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dissidence, dissidents
dissidence (DIS i duhns) (noun)
Disagreement or a contrary opinion on a subject: There was a sense of dissidence or discordance among the students during the professor's lecture.
dissidents (DIS i duhnts) (noun)
Individuals who maintain a difference of opinion or disagreement regarding a particular situation: The student dissidents decided to organize a silent march to protest the university rules.

It soon became apparent among the dissidents that there was a strong dissidence between their movement and the university administration.

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A disagreement with a prevailing opinion or belief; or an opposition to some authority. (1)