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disingenuous (adjective), more disingenuous, most disingenuous
1. A reference to not being straightforward or honest and being insincere or calculating: Jack didn’t want to tell a lie, so he decided to give a disingenuous response to his wife’s question about where he had been the night before; so, all he said was that he had been visiting with a friend, although he actually had been to the local pub all evening.
2. Pertaining to giving a false appearance of being explicit and unambiguous: Jane’s boyfriend had evidently put on a disingenuous smile when he said he liked her a lot, but he wasn’t taking her out anymore.
3. Descriptive of pretending to be unaware of something or trying to give the impression of being innocent regarding what has happened: When Sally’s mother asked her if she had broken the cup, she gave a disingenuous answer that she didn’t even know the cup had been broken!
Relating to craftiness and being deceiving and not being plain-spoken.
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Conveying a deception of being honest and sincere when the person is really being crafty, insincere, or dishonest. (1)