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dedicate (verb), dedicates; dedicated; dedicating
1. To give up earnestly, seriously, or wholly, to a particular person or specific purpose: The orchestra dedicated all of their evenings practicing their new compositions for the concert.
2. To inscribe or to address a book, an engraving, a piece of music, etc. to a patron or a friend, as a compliment or a mark of honor or affection: Joy Fielding dedicated her book Heart Stopper to Shannon Micol, a person whose music inspired her very much.
3. To set aside, to specify, or to preserve for a specific purpose: The money that the city received was dedicated to building a much-needed bridge.
4. To open formally to the public; to inaugurate or to make public: The children played baseball in the city park which was recently dedicated by the mayor.
5. Etymology: from de-, "utterly, completely" and dicare, "to proclaim, to tell, to say".
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dedicate (DED i kayt")
On this occasion, cate presents a verb that officially honors or remembers a person, a place, or an event.
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