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decorticate (dee KOHR ti kayt") (verb), decorticates; decorticated; decorticating
1. In botany, to remove the outer layer of a plant: To decorticate vegetation involves the removal of bark, rind, or the husks.
2. To surgically disconnect the surface layer, membrane, or fibrous cover of a body organ or structure: In this case, the surgeon may decorticate body parts of the kidney, the scar tissue of the lungs, or the cortex of the brain from the underlying white part in order to improve their functions.
3. Etymology: from Latin decorticare; from de-, "off" + cortex, "bark, rind".

decorticate (dee KOHR ti kit") (adjective), more decorticate, most decorticate

Relating to a brain that has lost the function of its cerebral cortex as a result of a disease or surgery.

The functions of the "cerebral cortex" include the perception of sensations, learning, reasoning, and memory.

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decorticate (dee KOHR ti kayt")
This special cate is giving readers some knowledge about the cutting away of outer parts of plants or the removal of surface layers of certain internal organs of the human body by surgeons.
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