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dauntless (adjective), more dauntless, most dauntless
1. Invulnerable to fear or intimidation or incapable of being discouraged by threats: The comic book hero was the most dauntless and brave character ever to be imagined.

The dauntless soldier received a great deal of praise from his comrades for saving them from death after they had run out of ammunition and he had returned with a new supply of bullets, despite the dangers he had to face as he went back to them.
2. Unlikely, or unable, to be frightened or to be discouraged; not afraid: Carol's small but dauntless cat braved going out into the hall where she encountered the large cat which lived down the hall.

Bold, fearless, and persistent.
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Valiant, without fear, and brave.
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Being very brave and bold and not discouraged from doing something. (2)