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cumbersome (adjective), more cumbersome, most cumbersome
1. Descriptive of being hard to handle or to manage because of size or weight: The mailman had to deliver a cumbersome package to Jake's house, which was almost too big to carry though the front door!
2. Referring to something that is complicated and hard to do: Jane had to fill out a cumbersome application for a job which was very time consuming and hard to understand.
3. Relating to any thing that is long and difficult to read or to say: Harriet's expanded job title is really a cumbersome one to remember and even to use when talking about it.
4. Something that is awkward or difficult to carry, to move, to manipulate, to deal with, or to handle because it is heavy, large, or clumsy: It is said that the medieval suit of armor, while cumbersome, was an effective protective body covering during battles.

Jake and James struggled to move Jane's cumbersome piano to a different room.

Pertaining to being difficult to handle; clumsy and unwieldy.
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Descriptive of being awkward, clumsy; difficult and inconvenient to manage or handle. (1)