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conspire (verb), conspires; conspired; conspiring
1. To plan or to agree in secret with others to commit an illegal or subversive act: During the trial, the defendant would not admit that he had conspired against the president of his company.
2. To combine so as to cause a particular result, often one involving harm, inconvenience, or difficulty: The rabbits appeared to be conspiring with each other to eat the lettuce in Mary's garden.
3. To act jointly with another person, or other people, for a common purpose or result: The pilot's strike seemed to conspire to delay Jim's flight during his business trip.
4. Etymology: from Latin conspirare, "to agree, to unite, to plot"; literally, "to breathe together"; from com-, "together" + spirare, "to breathe".
To plan together in order to commit an illegal act.
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To act jointly with another person or other people for a common purpose or result; usually, an illegal or subversive act. (1)