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confound (verb), confounds; confounded; confounding
1. To perplex or to amaze; especially, by a sudden disturbance or surprise; to bewilder; to confuse: Trying to comprehend the complicated directions for operating his new TV confounded the father too much.
2. To throw into confusion or disorder: The new tax system confounded the people, because it seemed to be much more complicated than in the previous years.
3. To throw into increased confusion or disorder: The Smith family was planning on going on a camping trip for the very first time and they had a list of what they needed and put everything into orderly piles in the living room. Their little daughter confounded everything by hurling some of their camping gear into the air!
4. To treat or regard erroneously as identical; to mix or associate by mistake: What Jacob said confounded truth with errors.
5. To mingle so that the elements cannot be distinguished or separated: When water and sugar are dissolved together in hot water they are confounded and cannot be parted again.
6. To contradict or to refute: Sharon tried to confound her parent's arguments about her quitting her current job and looking for a new one.
7. Etymology: from Middle English confounden, from Anglo-Norman confundre, from Latin confundere, "to mix together, to confuse"; from com-, "together" + fundere, "to pour".
To confuse or to utterly amaze.
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To bewilder or to mix up in the mind.
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To confuse or to bewilder; to perplex. (2)