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collusion (kuh LOO zhuhn) (s) (noun), collusions (pl)
1. Literally, a playing together, or into each other's hands: Jacob and Ronald were acting in collusion with the objective of stealing the valuable violin when the musician wasn't looking.

The collusion of the truck drivers to secretly change the speed limit signs on the highway almost resulted in disastrous collisions during the heavy rain storm.

2. An agreement or understanding for purposes of trickery or fraud: The extent of collusion to which Jeff, the farmer, did to fool his neighbor into giving him pasture land was astonishing.
3. A secret agreement or working together for what is typically an illegal purpose: When the oil well failed, the operators suspected a collusion between the teams of workmen.

The reporter revealed the collusion between some city officials and certain local businesses to keep the commercial taxes low.

4. Etymology: from Old French collusion; from Latin collusionem, "act of colluding"; from colludere, from com-, "together" + ludere, "to play"; from ludus "game".
The co-operation for a fraudulent purpose.
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A secrete agreement for an illegal conspiracy.
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A working together for a criminal objective.
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A secret agreement or cooperation for purposes of trickery or an underhanded scheming or working with someone else to deceive or to trick someone out of something without paying for it. (2)