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cohort (s) (noun), cohorts (pl)
1. A band of soldiers: In times of war and peace, military cohorts are dedicated to supporting each other.

A cohort of three soldiers were wandering the countryside, hoping to find a place to sleep and food to eat.

2. Any group of associates: The Board of Directors for the company consisted of three cohorts who were employees; as well as, three cohorts who were elected to the Board.

Last week, the police arrested the local criminal leader of a gang and his cohorts.

3. Companions or followers: The dynamic priest had a cohort of believers who shared his enthusiasm for moral living and the worship of God.
4. A group of people sharing a common factor; such as, the same age or the same income bracket; especially, in a statistical survey: A lack of focus was a common failure for students in a particular age cohort.
5. A disapproving reference to a supporter, an accomplice, or an associate of a leader; especially, someone to whom special treatment and preference is given: The police were observing the gang's leader and his cohorts or fellow criminals.
6. Etymology: from Latin cohortem, accusative form of cohors, "enclosure"; with the extended meaning applied to "infantry company" in the Roman army (a tenth part of a legion, 400 to 600 men) by way of the notion of an "enclosed group, a retinue"; from com-, "with" + hortus. "garden".
A collaborator, a follower, or an accomplice working together.
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Someone's companion or follower; a supporter, an accomplice, or an associate of a leader. (1)