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chimerical (adjective), more chimerical, most chimerical
1. An unfounded, unrealizable dream: Lucy had a chimerical desire to become a famous pianist and to tour the world.
2. Imaginary concepts or irrational ideas and proposals: There are too many politicians who have chimerical thoughts of developing economic stability in the nation.

Some hypothetical ideas are nothing more than foolish views; so, when people refer to a chimerical scheme, it is regarded as being unrealistic and won't work because it is considered to be a fantastic figment of someone's imagination.

Merely imaginary; an unrealistic idea.
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Fanciful or in one's imagination.
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Fantastic and impractical.
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Merely imaginary.
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1. An unfounded, unrealizable dream.
2. Imaginary concepts or unrealistic ideas and proposals. (4)