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certificate (s) (noun), certificates (pl)
1. An authorized record that gives proof and details of something; for example, personal status, educational achievements, ownership, or authenticity: James Jones earned his teaching certificate this year and he will be teaching in the local high school this coming Fall.
2. A written statement that is awarded to someone who, or something; that has passed a test or conformation that a requirement has been met: Matt has a certificate of ownership for his new car.
certificate (suhr TIF i kayt") (verb), certificates; certificated; certificating
To authorize or to provide a valid document that declares something to be true or to be a proven fact: Jim's daughter, Leslie, has been certificated by the hospital with her name, date, and place of birth.
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certificate (suhr TIF i kayt")
A cate that presents or authorizes someone to have an official document which verifies that certain facts are true; such as, statements about one's birth or that he or she has the necessary qualifications to work in a certain profession, etc.
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