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calligraphy (s) (noun); calligraphies (pl)
1. The art or skill of fine or beautiful penmanship or handwriting: As part of her Fine Arts degree, Gretchen studied Medieval calligraphy and prepared a portfolio of her work.
2. Good or artistic handwriting skills: The English instructor expects her students to use their best calligraphy when writing their essays.
3. A script of high aesthetic value produced by a brush; especially, that of Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic origin: It took Theresa many months to master the art of ancient Chinese calligraphy.
4. Works produced in beautiful handwriting that are considered as a group: The local museum is presenting an international exhibit of calligraphy with examples from the past of early Arabic writing as well as modern samples.
Beautiful writing with an inkpen.
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Skilled penmanship.
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An art or skilled production of superior or first-class handwriting. (2)