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bibliophage (noun), bibliophages (pl)
1. Someone who devours books or who reads with a great deal of interest; a "bookworm": There are those who are such eager and fervent readers that they are known as bibliophages who read beyond what is considered to be normal for such an activity.

Karl was a genuine bibliophage who would read for hours instead of watching TV or doing any other non-essential activities.

2. A parasite, often referred to as a bookworm, which destroys books by eating into the pages: Some books have been around for so many years that they show where bibliophages, or worms, have actually eaten holes in them.
3. Etymology: literally, a bookeater; from Greek biblion, "book" + Greek, phagia, from phagein, "to eat".
An ardent reader of books.
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Very enthusiastic readers who are sometimes called "book worms". (1)