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badger (BAJ uhr) (verb), badgers; badgered; badgering
1. To provoke or to persuade: Jane told her daughter's friend, "You can't badger Roxane into going to that party tonight because she does NOT want to go!"
2. To harass, to hound, to pester, or to nag again and again: The lawyer was warned by the judge not to badger the witness by trying to make her testify to something that she doesn't know about.

Mack's mother finally badgered him into getting his hair cut.

When her little girl whined and cried for a lollipop for over an hour, her mother lost her temper and screamed, "Stop badgering me or you will have to go to bed without your dinner!"
3. To bother or to annoy someone with many comments or questions: The reporters and news broadcasters were badgering the comedian about the accusations that were being made about his relations with women in the past.

To harass or to annoy someone persistently in an effort to get him or her to do something or to stop doing something.
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To harass, to hound, to pester, or to annoy others. (1)