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austere (aw STEER) (adjective); more austere, austerer; most austere, austerest
1. With reference to an economic policy or measure that is designed by a government to reduce a budget deficit; especially, by eliminating certain public expenditures: Some European countries are being forced to establish more austere expenditures because of their monetary debts.
2. Imposing or suggesting physical hardship: In order to make a profit, many people are forced to work in more austere conditions by their employers in the manufacturing of products.
3. Grimly unsmiling, humorless, or suggesting strict self-denial; grave; sober; solemn; serious: Henry was an austere man with a rigidly strict lifestyle.
4. Severe in manner or appearance; uncompromising; strict; forbidding: Conditions in the prison were unbelievably austere.

Some austere people are very self-controlled and serious or even sad and gloomy.

Faces, manners, ways of life, and art forms are all subject to being described as austere, in order to portray the idea of severe simplicity, the absence of adornment; and in context, any restrictive sternness.

5. Rigorously self-disciplined and severely moral; ascetic; abstinent: They live an austere quality of life in the convent.
6. Plain and simple; unadorned, without luxury, ease, or self-indulgence: Our ancestors lived an austere life on the frontier.

The cathedral was impressive with its austere simplicity.

Clara's austere apparel enhanced her natural beauty.

7. Severely plain in design or lines, without distractions or decoration: The company chose austere furnishings for the offices and other work areas.
8. Rough to the taste; sour or harsh in flavor: Some people have austere diets that others cannot tolerate.
9. Etymology: from Latin austerus, "dry, harsh, sour, tart"; from Greek austeros, "bitter, harsh"; especially, "making the tongue dry".

Originally a reference to fruits, wines, etc., related to auos, "dry".

Very simple and unadorned.
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Plain and simple; unadorned, without luxury. (1)