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atrophy (s) (noun), atrophies (pl)
A wasting away; especially, of body tissue, an organ, etc., or the failure of an organ or part of it to grow or develop, as a result of insufficient nutrition or because of a disease: Many people suffer from atrophies of tissues, body organs, or the entire body because of a reduction in the sizes or numbers of their cells.

Atrophy is commonly caused by the lack of use; such as when a limb (arm, hand, etc.) has been immobilized in a plaster cast or by inadequate cell nutrition because of poor blood circulation.

Physicians are aware that atrophy may also take place during a prolonged serious illness, when the body needs to use up the protein reserves in the muscles.

Wasting away because of not being used.
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Wasting away because of not being used.
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atrophy (verb), atrophies; atrophied; atrophying
1. To waste away as a result of the degeneration of body cells: Without adequate exercise, the muscles will atrophy regardless of one's age.

Simon significantly atrophied during his bedridden illness.

Many elderly people have "sarcopenia", when the muscles are atrophying, because either they don't exercise at all or not adequately. People are never too old to exercise!

2. The degeneration, decline, or decrease, because of the lack of using something: Dr. Hughes, the professor, argued that freedom and independence of thought were progressively atrophying because too many people were simply ignoring their political rights.
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A wasting away or diminishing of a body part, or parts (including the brain) caused by the lack of use; or because of insufficient nutrition, as a result of a disease, or because there are not enough physical movements or activities for continued muscle development. (2)