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astute (uh STOOT, uh STYOOT) (adjective), astuter, astutest
1. Shrewd and discerning; especially, where personal benefit is to be accomplished: Bernhard was an astute administrator in that he was good at judging situations and people and using such knowledge to make good decisions.
2. Having or showing the ability to notice and to understand circumstances clearly: As a journalist, Roger was an astute observer of economic conditions and he was able to clearly analyze them and present them so his readers could understand them better.
3. Marked by practical hardheaded intelligence: Douglas was an astute borrower of money and he was also an astute reader of the small print in contracts.
4. Etymology: from Latin astutus, "crafty", from astus, "guile, cunning".
Shrewd and intelligent.
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Shrewd and cunning.
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Clever, crafty, and intelligent. (2)