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assimilate (verb), assimilates; assimilated; assimilating
1. To integrate someone, or people, into another group so differences are minimized or eliminated: By studying the language of the country, the immigrants hoped to assimilate themselves into their new neighborhood.
2. To conform or to adjust to the customs, attitudes, etc., of a group, nation, or the like: The new arrivals assimilated easily and quickly into their new culture.
3. To integrate new knowledge or information with what is already known or to incorporate and absorb into the mind: Jeremy is trying to assimilate the new information from his computer project so he can develop new programs for other people.
4. To incorporate digested food materials into the cells and tissues of the body: While Mildred was getting ready for bed, she was convinced that her nutritious dinner was being assimilated into her body so she would have energy for tomorrow's project at work.
5. Etymology: from Latin assimilatus, assimilare, "to make like"; from ad-, "to" + simulare, "to make similar"; from similis, "like, resembling".
To absorb something into the mind or the body.
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To integrate new knowledge or information into the mind; usually, with what is already known. (2)