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assiduous (adjective), more assiduous, most assiduous
1. Relating to being constant in application or attention; unremittingly diligent: Shirley was an assiduous worker who strived for perfection.
2. A reference to working diligently at a task and persevering to achieve an objective: Max was always doing assiduous researches for his chemistry projects so he could have the best possible results.

Bob was an assiduous student in high school and that's why he graduated as an honor student.

3. Etymology: From Latin assiduus, "busy, incessant, and continually" from assidere, "to sit down to"; therefore, "constantly occupied" at one's work.
Constant attention or diligence.
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Persistent application.
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Devoted attention.
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Constant in application, effort, and persistence. (3)