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aspect (s) (noun), aspects (pl)
1. A facet, phase, or part of a whole: People should consider the various aspects of the economic situation before making any significant investments.
2. The view of something to the mind or the eyes: Suddenly the stone had a greenish aspect in the florescent light.
3. The way a person, place, or something appears: The old house took on a dark and lonely aspect or image.
4. Etymology: from Middle English, "indicating the action or the way of looking at or seeing something"; from Latin aspectus and aspicere, "to look at"; from ad-, "to" + specere, "to look".
A look or appearance like something.
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(Latin: stomach, belly or a relationship to the abdomen or the front or anterior aspect of the body)
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Etymology: ad- and specere, plus other forms that include spec and spic.

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The appearance or the way a person, place, or something is visible to others. (1)
(one of the group of biological sciences, each of which deals with an aspect of the study of living things)