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apropos, à propos (ap" ruh POH) (adjective); more apropos, more à propos; most apropos, most à propos
1. Appropriate or proper in a specific situation: Mr. Allen read an apropos passage to his class from the author’s new book.
2. At an opportune time: There is never an apropos time to tell a child that a favorite pet has died.
3. Being at once opportune and to the point; being relevant: It is very apropos to discuss going on a diet after an indulgent weekend of eating.
4. Etymology: from French à propos, "to the purpose" from propos, "purpose, plan", from Latin propositium, past participle of proponere, "to set forth, to propose".
It is apropos that a man is dressed like donkey.
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Appropriately or properly; to the point or directly fitting the situation. (2)