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apocryphal (adjective), more apocryphal, most apocryphal
1. That which is considered to be true by some people, but which may be false, and of questionable authenticity: When Fay's friend said that he believed in the Bible, she wasn't sure if he meant the apocryphal writings, too.

The literature professor said that, in his opinion, most "rags-to-riches" stories turn out to be apocryphal writings.

2. Etymology: from ecclesiastical or church Latin, from Greek apokruphos, "hidden"; a derivative of the compound verb apokruptein, "to hide away"; which was formed from the prefix apo-, "away, off" + the verb kruptein, "to hide".
Of doubtful authenticity; false.
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Not genuine; counterfeit.
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Of questionable authorship.
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Pertaining to something that is of doubtful authorship, not genuine; of questionable authenticity; false, counterfeit. (3)